general cleanliness and sanitation

hand sanitizer stations

Hand sanitizer stations will be readily available.

cleaning high-touch areas

Designated cleaners will be at every location, sanitizing all high-touch areas including door knobs, handles, stairs, railings, tables, chairs, and restroom areas. Chairs and tables/booths will be disinfected between each use with sanitizing wipes.

cleaning logs

Managers will maintain logs to ensure cleaning practices are followed.

employee screening

Employees will undergo a self screening wellness check prior to each shift before arriving at work. Employees will not be permitted in the building with any symptoms of illness and will not be allowed to return to work until they have met the CDC guidelines for safe return.

Guest mask policy

In response to the updated guidance from the CDC and the latest advisory from the City of Chicago, City of Los Angeles, and City of New York, we are reinstating mask-wearing guidelines for all staff members and guests in the restaurants regardless of vaccination status.

Beginning Saturday, July 31st all staff members will be asked to wear masks at all times while in the building and guests will be asked to wear masks any time they are not seated at their table.  

handwashing frequency

We will continue to maintain strict standards on frequent and thorough employee handwashing. Employees must wash their hands upon arrival to work and use antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer frequently. Team members are expected to follow posted handwashing protocol. Team members are expected to wash their hands upon arrival to work; prior to and during food preparation; when switching between tasks; before donning gloves to work with food or clean equipment and utensils; after using the restroom; after handling soiled dishes and utensils; when visibly soiled; after coughing, sneezing, using a tissue, or touching their face; after eating or drinking; after smoking or vaping; after handling cell phones.

handwashing signage

Restroom signage will encourage guests to follow CDC-recommended handwashing protocol.

employee face coverings

BRG will provide face coverings for all employees and additional PPE for relevant positions. Team members and guests are required to wear face coverings (Guests may remove face coverings when eating and drinking.)