Scott Alderson

Corporate Chef

A Ft. Lauderdale native, Scott Alderson’s passion for the restaurant industry started with the flip of a burger at his family owned restaurant and has continued throughout his lifetime.

Three decades later, Alderson brings a wealth of culinary experience to Boka Restaurant Group, having worked with esteemed chefs all around the country since 1986. In reflecting upon previous experiences, one of Alderson’s most influential roles was working with Jeremiah Tower during the modern American cuisine revolution at Stars Restaurant in San Francisco. It was here that Alderson learned that chefs were entertainers, and that restaurants were not only simply a place to eat.

In his early career, Alderson had the pleasure of working in North Carolina with Mark Rosenstein at The Market Place, and Jerri Fifer at Frog & Owl Cafe, both of which shaped his career immensely. His first kitchen experiences were in these restaurants, and are where he learned to cook with passion and a precision for excellence.

Alderson also held positions working under famed chefs including Oliver Saucy and Emilie Labrousse. Prior to joining Boka Restaurant Group, Alderson acted as a culinary consultant for other hospitality group’s s including Nashville’s ARay Hospitality Group, AJ Capital Partners in Chicago, Colorado’s Rex’s Family of Restaurants, among others.

Alderson formally joined Boka Restaurant Group in August 2017 as the brand’s corporate chef, assisting the group’s seven chef partners with new launches and openings, purchasing efficiencies, food cost control, kitchen layout and design, and more. A longtime friend of the company, Alderson continues to operate under the concept of radical hospitality, meaning that his singular focus as a professional is to make both colleagues, as well as guests in every restaurant feel special by conveying warmth and sincerity throughout his interactions in both the front- and back-of-the-house. Outside of the kitchen, Alderson spends his time outdoors, interacting with nature.